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 CIA Ranks Structure

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PostSubject: CIA Ranks Structure   Mon Nov 16, 2015 4:12 am


Founder of CIA
Co-Founder of CIA

Vice President

(All OOA ranks have the same authority)

Director of Training
Standard Team Leader
HR/TMA Leader
EA Director
Board Member
Policy Advisor
Security Director of SU


IA Director
IA Co-Director
IA Task Manager
IA Officer

SU High Ranks:
(Director of SU and Asst Director of SU are considered equal with IA Director in rank. All other SU HRs are considered TMs, They have the same authority as each other but they are below Assistant Director in rank.)

Security Director of SU (OOA)
Director of SU
Asst. Director of SU
SU Task Manager
SU Instructor

Top Management:

Chief of Staff (CoS)
Deputy Chief of Staff (DCoS)
Head Director
Assistant Head Director
Deputy Director
Senior Director
Assistant Director

(All of these Secretaries have the same authority. A secretary is only chosen by who ever holds the rank that the secretary is working for, so NO ONE ELSE can promote anybody to these ranks.)

President's Secretary
Vice President's Secretary
Board Director's Secretary
Chairman's Secretary
Training Director's Secretary
Standard Team Leader's Secretary
IA Director's Secretary
HR/TMA Leader's Secretary
Policy Advisor's Secretary
Security Director's Sec.

High Ranks:

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Senior Executive Chief
Executive Chief
Executive Manager
Head Manager
Assistant Head Manager
Senior Manager
Junior Manager


Head of Training (HoT)
Assistant Head of Training (AHoT)
Training Supervisor III
Training Supervisor II
Training Supervisor I
Experienced Trainer
Qualified Trainer
Trainer III
Trainer II
Trainer I
Novice Trainer III
Novice Trainer II
Novice Trainer I

SU Standard Ranks:

Security Captain
Warrant Officer
Head Intelligence
Head Special Officer
Special Officer V
Special Officer IV
Special Officer III
Special Officer II
Special Officer I
Head Sec. Op.
Sec. Op.
Head Security Agent
Security Agent V
Security Agent IV
Security Agent III
Security Agent II
Security Agent I
Security Trainee

Standard Ranks:

Head Spec Ops
Spec Ops V
Spec Ops IV
Spec Ops III
Spec Ops II
Spec Ops I
Head Intel Worker
Intel Worker V
Intel Worker IV
Intel Worker III
Intel Worker II
Intel Worker I
Head Agent
Agent V
Agent IV
Agent III
Agent II
Agent I
[CIA] Recruit
Cadet I  [Can Not Promote]
Cadet II  [Can Not Promote]
Cadet III  [Can Not Promote]
Agent I  [Can Not Promote]
Agent II  [Can Not Promote]
Agent III  [Can Not Promote]
Patrolling Agent  [Can Not Promote]
Squad Leader  [Can Not Promote]
Assistant Captain  [Can Not Promote]
Captain  [Can Not Promote]
Lieutenant  [Can Not Promote]
Elite Lieutenant  [Can Not Promote]
Supreme Lieutenant  [Can Not Promote]
Top Officer Ranks
Trial Top Officer  [Cadet I]
Assistant Constable  [Cadet II]
Constable  [Cadet III]
Assistant Chief Constable  [Agent I]
Chief Constable  [Agent II]
Assistant Chief  [Agent III]
Chief  [Assistant Captain]
Commander  [Elite Lieutenant]
Superintendent  [Supreme Lieutenant]
Personal Assistant Ranks
Personal Assistant  [Can Not Promote]
Security Ranks
Trial Security  [Constable]
Security Agent I  [Assistant Chief Constable]
Security Agent II  [Chief Constable]
Security Agent III  [Assistant Chief]
Security Apprentice  [Chief]
Experienced Security Agent  [Commander]  
Head of Security  [Superintendent]
Trainer Ranks
Trial Trainer  [Security Agent I]
Trainer I  [Security Agent II]
Trainer II  [Security Agent III]
Trainer III  [Security Apprentice]
Experienced Trainer  [Experienced Security Agent]
Head of Training  [Head of Security]
Law Ranks
Trial Law Member  [Head of Training]
Court Member I  [Trial Law Member]
Court Member II  [Court Member I]
Court Member III  [Court Member II]
Assistant Chancellor  [Court Member III]
Chancellor  [Assistant Chancellor]
Senior Chancellor  [Chancellor]
Supreme Chancellor  [Senior Chancellor]
Experienced Law Member  [Supreme Chancellor]
Head of Law  [Experienced Law Member]
High Ranks
Trial High Rank Agent  [Head of Law]
High Rank Agent I  [Trial High Rank Agent]
High Rank Agent II  [High Rank Agent I]
High Rank Agent III  [High Rank Agent II]
Experienced High Rank Agent  [High Rank Agent III]
Head of High Rank  [Experienced High Rank Agent]
Senior Ranks
Trial Senior Member  [Head of High Rank]
Senior of Top Officers  [Trial Senior Member]
Senior of Personal Assistants  [Senior of Top Officers]
Senior of Security  [Senior of Personal Assistants]
Senior of Trainers  [Senior of Security]
Senior of Law Members  [Senior of Trainers]
Senior of High Rank Members  [Senior of Law Members]
Experienced Senior Member [Senior of High Rank Members]
Head of Senior Members [Experienced Senior Member]
Detective Ranks
Inspector Trainee  [Head of Senior Members]
Main Inspector  [Inspector Trainee]
Detective I  [Main Inspector]
Detective II [Detective I]
Detective III [Detective II]
Detective Officer [Detective III]
Assistant Chief Detective  [Detective Officer]
Chief Detective  [Assistant Chief Detective]
Professional Detective  [Chief Detective]
Junior Detective  [Professional Detective]
Senior Detective  [Junior Detective]
Crime Outlook  [Senior Detective]
Assistant Chief Detective  [Crime Outlook]
Chief Detective  [Assistant Chief Detective]
Experienced Detective  [Chief Detective]
Head of Detectives  [Experienced Detective]
Board of Director Ranks
Trial Board of Director  [Head of Detectives]
Board of Director I  [Trial Board of Director]
Board of Director II  [Board of Director I]
Board of Director III  [Board of Director II]
Experienced Board of Director  [Board of Director III]
Head of Board of Directors [Experienced Board of Director]
Government Ranks
Trial Government Official  [Head of Board of Directors]
Government Official I  [Trial Government Official]
Government Official II  [Government Official I]
Government Official III  [Government Official II]
Senate  [Government Official III]
Lieutenant Governor  [Senate]
Premier  [Lieutenant Governor]
Prime Minister  [Premier]
Presidential Ranks
Secretary  [Prime Minister]
Assistant Vice President  [Secretary]
Vice President  [Assistant Vice President]
Assistant President  [Vice President]
President  [Assistant President]
International Affair Ranks
Trial International Affair Agent  [President]
International Affair Agent I  [Trial International Affair Agent]
International Affair Agent II  [International Affair Agent I]
International Affair Agent III [International Affair Agent II]
Officer of Professional Responsibility  [International Affair Agent III]Chief of Alcohol Control
Chief of Firearms Control  [Officer of Professional Responsibility]
Chief of Drug Control  [Chief of Firearms Control]
Foreign Affairs Adviser [Chief of Drug Control]
Immigration Officer  [Foreign Affairs Adviser]
Head of Immigration  [Immigration Officer]
Public Affairs Reporter  [Head of Immigration]  
International Trade Officer  [Public Affairs Reporter]  
Programming Assistant  [International Trade Officer]
International Banker  [Programming Assistant]
Diplomat  [International Banker]
Deputy Sheriff  [Diplomat]  
Sheriff  [Deputy Sheriff]
Experienced International Affair  [Sheriff]
Head of International Affair  [Experienced International Affair]
Office of Administrator Ranks
Trial Office of Administrator Agent  [Head of International Affairs]
Office of Administrator Agent I  [Trial Office of Administrator Agent]
Office of Administrator Agent II  [Office of Administrator I]
Office of Administrator Agent III  [Office of Administrator II]
Information Collector  [Office of Administrator Agent III]
Professional Headquarters Manager  [Information Collector]
International Affairs Overseer  [Professional Headquarters Manager]
Junior Officer of Admin  [International Affairs Overseer]
Senior Officer of Admin  [Junior Officer of Admin]
Junior Director of Management  [Senior Officer of Admin]
Senior Director of Management  [Junior Director of Management]
Experienced Office of Administrator  [Senior Director of Management]
Head of Administrator  [Experienced Office of Administrator]
The transfer restrictions will be in red.
Transfer Unit Ranks   *Only Founders Can Promote For This Unit
Transfer Recruit Officer  [Head of Administrator]  [Information Collector]
Transfer Officer I  [Head of Administrator]  [Professional Headquarters Manager]
Transfer Officer II  [Head of Administrator]  [International Affairs Overseer]
Transfer Officer III  [Head of Administrator]  [Junior Officer of Admin]
Experienced Transfer Officer  [Head of Administrator]  [Senior Officer of Admin]
Transfer Officer Supervisor  [Head of Administrator]  [Junior Director of Management]
Experienced Transfer Officer  [Head of Administrator]  [Senior Director of Management]
Head of Transfer Officers  [Head of Administrator]  [Experienced Office of Administrator]
Co-Owner Ranks
Trial Co-Owner  [Head of Administrator]  [Head of Administrator]
Co-Owner I  [Trial Co-Owner]  [Head of Administrator]
Co-Owner II  [Co-Owner I]  [Head of Administrator]
Co-Owner III  [Co-Owner II]  [Head of Administrator]
Experienced Co-Owner  [Co-Owner III]  [Head of Administrator]
Head of Co-Owner  [Experienced Co-Owner]  [Head of Administrator]
Founder Ranks
Trial Founder
Deputy Founder
Founder III
Founder II
Founder I
Executive Founder
Chief Executive Founder
Major Founder
Joint Owner/Founder
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CIA Ranks Structure
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