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 CIA Training script

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PostSubject: CIA Training script   Mon Nov 16, 2015 4:14 am

Training is about to begin.

I request no AFKing, talking (away from keyboard, moving, or any questions unless asked.
I will first cover some rules that you need to know for working here at the CIA.
1.NEVER abuse or Harass OOA/Founders.
2.NEVER ask for Pay, Promotions or Rights.
3.NEVER use effects or dances in the CIA premises.
4.Always follow the habbo way (no racism, swearing or inappropriate references).

There are some basic commands that you need to know as well.
The basic commands you need to learn are: FTF, FTB and BTB.
FTF - Fill the Front - When told this you go to a front desk and recruit/help people.
You must NOT go afk at front desk or you will risk demotion.
FTB - Fill the Back - when told this you find a seat until a front desk opens up.
BTB - Back to base - When told this you go back to HQ with no questions asked.

These are more complex commands you need in CIA: AE, Attention! and F&C.
AE - At Ease - When told Attention! or F&C you DO NOT sit back down until you hear AE.
Attention! - When told this you stand 1 space in front of your seat and wave.
F&C - Front and Center - When told this you walk up to the commanding officer,
face him/her, wave and say Yes Sir/Ma'am.

Okay now we will begin testing. I will say a command and I will like you to do the actions.
AE (Middle Row)

Call each person up for F&C
Tell them to sit down in the middle row.


When your at a front desk and someone is asking you to join there agency

YOU MUST shout THIEF, If your a VIP members use a red bubble when shouting

When you go BTB you will be asked to FTF (Fill the front). When you FTF NEVER go AFK

You could be demoted or asked to do training again
When you get to a desk you start recruiting or letting in existing members.
1.Recruiting people.
We recruit people by asking them first, would you like a job?
They say yes, we then tell them to change motto to
[CIA] Recruit in account settings,
that is habbo . com / profile
After that we ask them to join the CIA badge found on the pennant in the middle of the CIA lobby.
Once they have both motto and badge correct we let them in to be trained, by pulling the lever.
Now remember the motto must be correct
2.Letting existing members into CIA base.
We let in existing members into base such as Agents, SU, Trainers, TMA's, HR's, TM's,IA,OOA.
We let those people into base but,
For us to make sure they are our staff we check their badges to make sure its made by Milap!, if it isn't, then it's fake and we don't let them in.
Any Questions?
Congratulations! To all of you that passed.
Change your motto's to: [CIA] Agent I [your tag]
The I is a Capital i, not a 1 or a Lower Case L.

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CIA Training script
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